Sue Misao

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March 27, 2013

Hello from Carlton, again, down here near the bottom rung of the valley, where things always are what they seem not to be. Summer is coming, just as soon as we get this whole “spring” thing out of the way. Wow, it was only last week that spring was coming. Winter is just around the corner. And I just burned my Christmas tree this weekend, darn. Now I have to go get another one. Talk about poor planning.

Where was I? I just spent five minutes staring at a nail in the wall across the room, wondering if it was a spider and waiting to see if it would move until I finally got up and walked over to it. Since it turned out to only be a nail I decided not to kill it but then I spent another 10 minutes unsuccessfully looking for something to hang on it so I won’t have to go through that whole ridiculously traumatic scenario again tomorrow. I did the same thing yesterday.

In other less relevant news, the mass Carlton yard sale is set to happen on a weekend I still haven’t been able to verify from my sources in high places. For all I know it already happened, but either way you are in the know because the Carlton news is, as always, on it. Don’t thank me, it’s nothing, really.